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We are Culligan of Muncie, IN, your water technology experts proudly serving east central Indiana. Our dealership specializes in providing water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers, bottled water, water filtering and softener salt delivery service to area homes and businesses.


Driessen Culligan is a 53-year old family corporation. Our mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers' lives. We hope to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water.

We've seen about every water problem imaginable and we've solved these problems to deliver the refreshing, clean and pure water that's become our hallmark. Water treated with Culligan softeners or filtration systems will make an impression on you and your household or work.

Culligan Water is a proud member of the Indiana Water Quality Association, a statewide trade association representing the household, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry.

Culligan of Muncie
Reviews for Culligan Ultrapure of Muncie
Overall rating: 4.4/5

I have been with Culligan ultra-pure for quite a while now about a year maybe a little over pound if something is not right they will make it right for you. They are an excellent company to do business with sound are a very fair company. I recommend Culligan Ultra Pure very highly. Try them and see what you think you won't be disappointed.

Thank you to the lady at the front desk with the long hair and Matt the service man who came out and fixed my unit. Without your quality customer service skills and completing the repair, my softener would still be broken. Thank you!

I have been with these guys since 2003 and been 100% satisfied. Any problems that have cropped up over the years, i.e. leaving the salt in the wrong location, have been dealt with quickly and effectively.

Great Installer and Terrific Salesman that answered all my questions. Highly Recommend Ryan Smith

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